Ancient Secrets,
Modern Spirituality.

Heal your heart, elevate your spirit, break through and reclaim the magic within you.

Self-love is a very sexy thing.



You create your 
own reality.

From the big moments of attracting synchronicities to the tiniest details of every moment, you have the capacity to completely heal, transform and magnify into your brilliance. We are no longer victims; we are victorious.

It’s simple. It is really simple.

You are more powerful than you know!





It starts with your emotional and electrical vibration.

Once you heal your energy body, you become a magnetic force attracting everything your heart desires. Let me show you how and introduce you to a world of ancient secrets based on the law of quantum physics and the science behind the miracles of spirituality. The impossible is waiting for you to see that it is more than possible. The world may seem chaotic, but there is a divine system working and miracles are at full speed these days. Do you want to activate your miracles field?

Wait until you see.


My Book

Essential Kundalini Yoga is a brand new release full of gifts, treasures and peace.

We are living in a powerful time of change, and the ancient secrets of Kundalini Yoga were designed to assist us through these times of seemingly upheaval which are here to transform us into the miraculous beings we are meant to be.

Kundalini yoga is a science which was kept secret for thousands of years in India. It is for all ages. All people. All levels of experience. All who are longing to connect to their inner wisdom and live into their fullest potential.

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“The gift of Karena is that she offers
 a whole new perspective on life.”

Bruce Springsteen

“Believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you.”


“…She reminds us that the more we open our hearts to others, the less we struggle.”


“Karena sparkles with radiance like a rare diamond, and her magical energy is healing to all.”


“Karena illuminates a complex and rich practice with friendliness, joy, and love.”


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Attracting Abundance with your Radiance

“When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.” ~Yogi Bhajan The flower is booming… Seeds planted… sun shining… we water, we nurture…. trust the process. One rose bush has 12 roses, each with 30 petals. You are a […]

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