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IMG_5889 (1)There are many roads to Spirit. I choose the path on which we can hold hands and connect in the vibration of love.  This path connects all roads.  I believe God awaits at the terminus of this path.  While all roads that take us to the portal are beautiful, the one on which we can hold hands while walking is where we can experience true healing, happiness and connection.  This is the path of least resistance.  This is the path of light.  This is the path where there is the most beautiful sound of harmony.  Many instruments playing in harmony creating a miracle. This is the path of LOVE.

There is a new wave of peace that is entering our world at this time. We are longing to awake to a power so much greater than us.  We are tired.  It is as if we know there is a purpose for our existence, yet we cannot seem to find it.  We search outside of ourselves.  We long for love, acceptance, truth and connection; yet, we sabotage ourselves from receiving the very deep desires in our hearts because we are afraid of the new.  We are all in this together, and we are being inspired in unity, because NOW is the time.

These past few weeks have been quite miraculous.  The pope has visited us in America while touching the hearts of so many beautiful people.  Oprah Winfrey is about to release an incredible series called “Belief” which will highlight the longing of humanity to experience healing, forgiveness and hope for a better world.  We are recognizing that we no longer need to hold onto the painful experiences that do not serve us, and we are loved deeply by a higher realm even when we say no to things in life that hold us back from living in our fullest expression of illumination.

I believe this is the desire of the great spirit of hope which lives deep within each human being. It is the great design of the universe for world peace, and all of us have been born with an imprint to make a change.

Last week I was invited to a board meeting by one of my dear fiends who is an ambassador to the United Nations.  I will always remember the discussion we shared on the potential we have as human beings.  My friend said: “If you have ever been in a tent with one small mosquito, you know the damage that little bug can do.  One small change can ripple out into the waves of humanity and create drastic measures of healing.” I was so moved by this remark because I feel so small in this huge world.    Sometimes I pray for a platform that I can scream from and say… “Please… give peace a chance.”

I notice myself getting angry at the systems that do not work.  I cry when I see the news, and I love so deeply that I want to save everyone.  I know many of you feel this as well.  A few weeks ago I received a message on my public Facebook page from a beautiful soul in India.  He said he had not eaten in five days.  I felt overcome with grief for him, and then I thought about the many people in this world who are on their hands and knees praying to God for a meal for themselves and their children.  The women who need nourishment because if they do not receive it they will not be able to produce breastmilk for their children.

We are making a change together.  It is happening.  I can see the light in the distance approaching the darkness of the night.  I can see that small star illuminating the heavens so it can brighten our hearts, and we can do our work together here on earth. The dark waves surrounding humanity are being purified.  Our hearts together are transforming into waves of bright light.

I am so excited for you to see “Belief” on the OWN network starting on October 18th.

Now is the time.

Honoring the Light within while expecting miracles…

May God bless us all as we come together on the road to love.

What do you believe and what are the forces that shape your beliefs?

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