Some of the reasons you may want to work with Karena include:

  • You feel stuck
  • You know that the way through what is holding you back is energetic, but you cannot seem to find the answers
  • Stories and imprints that are not your own continue to prevent you from moving forward
  • You are exhausted by listening to what everyone else says you need to do, but you are even more exhausted in discovering your own inner guidance system
  • You know you have a higher purpose than where you are.  You know it and you feel called, but you are petrified of the ‘what if’
  • You feel everything so deeply and do not know how your soul fits into this crazy world
  • You are longing to manifest something magical and have done the law of attraction thing, but it has only brought you a feeling of failure.  You know there is a missing link.
  • It is time to re-pattern and clear old beliefs that may be operating under the surface and blocking you from stepping into your destiny which is way beyond your mind
  • Deep in your soul you know that nothing is impossible, but you are longing for the guidance that can help you attract the miracles that are your birthright
  • You are an empath and you need to let go of the energy of others so you can move forward in your own life

Karena offers a limited number of private coaching spots per year.

To ensure a personalized experience, Karena personally reviews each inquiry. Please inquire below for availability.

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