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Allowing Grace to Blossom Naturally

“God has never been praised more beautifully than in Jaap Sahib.  It is powerful enough to see God in person and to experience the God within you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

We do not have to use will power to be open to miracles.  We do not have to work and exert and push.  Instead, by turning to a higher power and asking for assistance in living our lives with truth and love, the miraculous shift occurs. Sometimes we have to open our hearts to gratitude in order to recognize the miracles surrounding us, because our minds are conditioned to live in fear.

Reciting the sacred sounds of shabds and mantras one of the most effective methods to lift our frequency so we can become magnets for goodness. Chanting creates a sound current that eliminates the energy of fear. The way the tongue touches the upper palate creates a unique pattern of stimulation to specific meridians which have trigger points in the upper palate, which in turn send messages to the brain and entire nervous system. Each mantra creates its own particular effect within the energy of the body by the gentle stimulation of the acupressure points in the mouth. Yogi Bhajan called this the combination and permutation of the sound current. The effect on the human energy field brings about profound and ongoing changes in genetic expression, healing, and the strength and vibratory frequency of the aura. It can wake up potential that was dormant in the person. In this way each chant acts in a sense like a specific phone number dialing a certain code. This is a miracle in itself.

Miracles arrive in many forms.  A flower blossoming from a seed with the love of the universe bathing upon her growth, a baby conceived from two hearts merging with love, and the beauty of a caterpillar transforming into a graceful butterfly are a few examples of the wonder and magic of Spirit.  We become open to the natural miraculousness of the universe when we shift our perspective away from fear and open our hearts to truth and love.  Miracles are the natural normal flow of grace when we are in living in our hearts with love, acceptance and service to others.

Jaap Sahib generates a very powerful energy which vibrates through it’s sound current. This is one of the sacred banis, recited daily by millions of Sikh devotees. It was written by Guru Gobind Singh in the 17th century. The effect is to develop an intuitive awareness which washes away fear.  When our perception is not longer clouded by fear we are able to see truth as reality. We do not color our perceptions with our own imprinting. The vibration of Jaap Sahib brings vitality and grace to everything we do, so we are able to live in our truth.

As humans our brains are predisposed to protect ourselves and those we love.  In fact, the ego is the part of the psyche that protects our own beings when we sense danger.  Yet, more often than not we fear situations that are not based on truth.  Our perceptions become distorted because of old belief systems, and learned patterns of response, that hold us back from the reality of love, faith and surrender.  Jaap Sahib has the power to clear away that fear so that truth is ones essence. Truth no longer becomes fearful. And today’s courage is about moving past our own inner adversaries, the inner patterns that hold us hostage. Jaap Sahib provides the grace to move past that into the dimension of pure devotion, surrender and awe of the power of God within and without.

Jaap Sahib can be a bit of tongue twister if its new to you. But this bani is so powerful that if this journey is new for you, just playing it, and hearing the sounds, can shift your perceptions of fear to the awareness of love. The practice of following along and expressing the words as best you can will open up the intuition as well. You just say the words, even not knowing them, and after steady practice, the syllables seem to miraculously become clearer as the psychic channels open and become attuned to the energy of the collective consciousness. This is an amazing phenomenon for the individual to tap into the knowledge that is in the field outside of what we consider to the personal, or the known. When the unknown becomes known then transcendence occurs, and Jaap Sahib is the vehicle that can open that pathway. 

The surest way to shift our perspectives into the pure frequency of love is to have a spiritual practice.  Most of the blessings in our lives come from light and love.  Pushing and searching for answers and information from outside sources rarely assists us in manifesting our dreams.  With social media and so much stimulation these days, it is easy tho get caught up in our minds.  Yet, we all know at least one person who claims that their miracle arrived when they surrendered from trying so hard. So, why do we keep running like engines?  Because we are afraid to let go. But, the more we surrender with courage and divinity, the more blissful our lives will become.

In this Age of Aquarius may we all begin to see the miracles unfolding naturally from the energy of love.   We can trust enough to give away what we want most in our lives, for it is in our giving to others that miracles are attracted into our lives.  It is never in the taking.

I hope you join me in chanting and/or listening to Jaap Sahib.  This shad can give us the strength to be like spiritual warriors.  Strong with softness and surrender.  We are one.