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Attracting Abundance with your Radiance

“When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.” ~Yogi Bhajan

The flower is booming… Seeds planted… sun shining… we water, we nurture…. trust the process. One rose bush has 12 roses, each with 30 petals. You are a rose. We are all part of the rose bush. Each time our petals shine, we serve one another. Shine so you allow everyone else to shine. For, in your radiance, the world shall become a brighter place. I am learning this on a deeper level everyday. And, the magnitude of our projection is more powerful now than ever. Illuminate… and be radiant… you can make that choice right now.

We all produce a bio-magnetic field that extends around our bodies. In yogic terms this is the aura or radiant body. In scientific terms this is a measurable electromagnetic potential that surrounds the body. In experiential terms the bio-magnetic field is the most subtle sensory interface we have with our environment.

As the frequency and strength of our bio-magnetic field changes, a cascade of events take place within our physical and emotional being. We truly affect each other with the power of our radiance, and we have a profound potential for healing and peace. Our friends and loved ones have a profound effect on us as well. The law of harmony is that the frequency that is vibrating in your radiance, aligns and attracts frequencies of the same.

Our son is in third grade now, and he is learning about basic science. Magnetism is the force that attracts. When we think about how simple the law of magnetism is, we question why we even allow ourselves to vibrate at a lower frequency. We can illuminate by choice. It is basic science.

In Yoga for Abundance we use this effect consciously. We use the powerful tools of yoga and meditation to change our radiance to vibrate at the frequencies that we call abundance, grace and gratitude. The frequency that we create then attracts, protects, heals, and regulates our existence. Plus we strengthen and center in our radiance so we can be effective, and stay clear in the face of modern day stresses.

We often refer to the quality of light or luminosity that a person exudes. In physics light is electromagnetic radiation, and in this sense our radiance is in fact light. In art many depictions of the aura show the way that a holy person’s radiance is all around them and perceptible. Ever notice the radiance of a pregnant woman?

Modern science is discovering that there substantial measurable power of bio-magnetic radiance which actually has the power to change the brain chemistry of the person next to them. The brain chemical serotonin controls our sense of well being or depression. Science is discovering that our production of serotonin is affected by the bio-magnetic field of those near to us. Therefore on a daily basis we effect the very brain chemistry of our family, loved ones and co-workers. And in turn we are subject to the radiance of others, even if toxic radiance from those who may be struggling though various degrees of emotional health. Therefore, by strengthening our radiance, centering in our heart and aligning with our qualities of abundance, peace and love, we are able to not only withstand the pressures of modern life, but to help bring these qualities of goodness into our lives and those around us.

This is a contagious phenomenon. The studies are showing that when we radiate peace and light out into the world, we can alter the hormones of another. When we align our thoughts with hope, peace and divine connection to source energy, we have the ability to increase the serotonin levels of others just by being in their presence. Also, like attracts like, and a frequency will attract harmonious frequencies. When we radiate a positive frequency out into the world, people of the same frequency enter our lives. It is the law of harmonic attraction.

In addition to the changes in brain chemistry, studies are finding that at a cellular level, DNA itself is sensitive to the vibrational quality of light. In yogic science the vibration of the radiant body is what controls gene expression. Only when a particular frequency is reached can certain genes which bring the being to their highest potential, be expressed.

We use powerful ancient yogic techniques to enhance the frequency that we radiate. We are literally transmitters, and the vibrations of our bioelectric field vibrate into the multitude of atoms in our physical environment, as well as in other organisms nearby, such as our family and loved ones, but also those far away. The effect of a transmitter goes for many miles. We are all used to shortwave radio. These days science is recording the minuscule electromagnetic traces that have traveled for for light years to reach astronomers on earth. The frequency that we produce vibrates all around us, and will attract harmonious attributes into our life. This is the essence of Yoga for Abundance.

Meditation and Yoga are gifts that increase our radiance. Not only are we able to change our frequency we are able to actually increase the strength of our radiance, make our radiant bodies strong, stable, and able to withstand the stresses and of difficulties of modern life, so we can keep aligned with our truth and our highest intention.
In this day and age we are challenged to stay positive, clear and centered. Our very thoughts seem to be challenged. We know we want to stay in a positive vibratory frequency, yet there is so many challenging thought patterns going through our minds. We feel great after a yoga class, but have difficulty holding that clear frequency in our radiance. We can easily become stuck in the spiral that takes us away from our divine connection.

In Yoga for Abundance, we use meditation and yoga to shift our perspective and align our hearts with love, light and goodness so we may consciously create thought patterns of the same harmony.

Please stay connected so we can continue to uplift one another with reminders of the gift of radiance, illumination and love.