Love is Everywhere

The world is going through a time of great change. So many people are afraid. The fear is so intense that some are feeling overwhelmingly too stuck to make changes. The sensitivity factor is at an all time high. Some are experiencing feelings of rejection, abandonment, disappointment or frustration. Others are feeling hurt, fear and loss. If you feel great and enthusiastic and that is your truth right now… awesome! You can take what works for you in these words, and leave the rest.

Let’s be real. We are human beings. Spiritual souls having a human experience means that our brains are wired to react to threats. It is a survival instinct. In fact, new studies are showing that the brain is 90% bias to negativity! That means we have 10% of the brain that works in the state of natural bliss. Any wonder we are feeling out of alignment when that 10% of the brain is spent looking at social media posts, worrying about finances, feeling fearful of health conditions?

This blog is here to share a little love. It is not a magic wand, and it does not share ancient teachings. It is a gentle reminder to put all things in perspective.

When I was a child my favorite place in the world was my Auntie Dorothy’s farmhouse in England. It was located in the cold countryside of the north. The house had fireplaces in every room. Antique furniture and delicate Victorian tea sets were placed in the living room. Delicious nourishing smells coming from the old black stove in the kitchen. Family love in the air.

My favorite moments were my walks around the farm. I loved to feed the chickens, milk the cows, play with the horses and walk through the prairies. One day I found an old green glass medicine bottle on the earth where my Uncle Fenwick had been plowing. It was magical. Who used this glass? Where are they now? Did they have hot soup on the old norwegian porridge and hot tea in the cozy kitchen of the farmhouse as well?

I was hooked on a new fascination with the human psyche and history. Not the type of history we learned about in social studies, but the history of individual feelings. What kind of emotions did the people who used this old bottle of medicine have? Was someone they loved ill? Were they sad? Were they in love?

Yesterday I spoke to a few friends and clients who were in tears. They were so uncomfortable in their own bodies because their minds were the storehouses of misery. We talked about wonderful breathing techniques and meditations. We discussed the gift of not taking anything personally. We spoke of holding onto the feeling of love… that emotion that comes when we fall in love, pet a puppy or hold a baby. We pondered together on why certain things happen, and the reasons humans deliberately send out daggers when their egos are being threatened. We went over it all.

When my husband got home from work, he and I took a walk on our front yard where we are planting new spring flowers. Nature is like a miracle. Looking at the pink flowers blooming filled my heart with a rush of springtime joy. Another magical moment appeared when we found an old horseshoe in the earth that was dug up around the plantings. Wow. Who lived on this land before us? Was it a large family? Did they cuddle up next to the fire telling stories and playing games? Did they struggle to put food on the table? Were they heartbroken? Were they happy? Did they worry about looking fat? Was life easier back then when social media and technology was not so prevalent? And, the big one, did they enjoy the precious moments of this very fleeting thing we call life?

When we look at the big picture we recognize how much wasted time we spend worrying about things that never even come to fruition. Why do we spend days allowing a comment that one person said trigger us with emotion? Can we all look at life as a gift. The precious moments. One day someone may find an iphone in the earth while digging up to plant some flowers (unless someone invents magic flower power in the future), and they will wonder if the person who helped that phone was holding it in tears feeling rejected because they did not receive a phone call or email that they had hoped for. They will wonder if that person was happy, sad or in love.

There is an impermanence of all forms, including the ego. We are eternal beings having human experiences. The only thing that cannot be created or destroyed is energy… We are energetic beings based on Love. We come from love and we return to love. May a sense of peace reside within you as you remember this truth. We are loved more than our brain wiring understands while in our physical bodies. Let’s not wait until we are just about to pass to enjoy our lives. Stop worrying. Start living. Can we smell the gorgeous roses today? Life is short, and we deserve it.