The Love Frequency

The New Moon is a time to set new intentions and to press the reset button. Today’s New Moon is coupled with mars going into retrograde. There are so many planetary shifts taking place at this time. Feel Wonky? You are not alone. Solar flares are so intense that the airlines are being asked to recognize shifts in the electro-magnetic field for flying! I feel that this particular moon phase is a time to quietly gather our energy and reflect. Yes, we can set intentions, yet it is a time to enjoy just being. We are still in the winter months… it is a great time to work on ourselves spiritually by plugging into a higher force and working with positive self- affirmations. This week we are being asked to trust our intuition in knowing when to strive and when to rest. Can we find balance in the doing and being? Let’s not get caught up in manifesting. Instead let’s go inside our hearts and trust. Trusting that the love vibration will attract all that we need. We are expressions of love and compassion, and a nice long bath this weekend is a medicinal prescription for serenity. Love is everywhere. It is in the air we are breathing at this moment. Breathe deeply. Have faith. Follow your heart. Our lesson this week is simple and yet super powerful. “I am LOVE. I rest in the light of this truth.” The gold key is to sit with this mantra for five minutes every morning. We apply it to the subconscious mind by reciting it silently. Let’s raise our Love vibration together this week: “I am LOVE. I rest in the light of this truth.”