Are you feeling alone?

Breathing deeply and feeling all the feelings, I decide to blog about them trusting I am not alone in these body sensations. My body remembers tight turtlenecks and itchy scarves with shoes that had a wedge because my feet were too big for little girl Mary Janes. I was too tall for the cute dresses […]

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The Power of Kundalini Yoga with Karena Virginia… A Review

April 3, 2016 · Yoga

  Thank you, Simranpreet Kaur! The Power of Kundalini Yoga: An Invitation to the Miracles of Love, Health, and Abundance Video with Karena Virginia and Music by Snatam Kaur. Produced by Sounds True. Available at Spirit Voyage, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Sounds True and many other locations. The Power of Kundalini Yoga […]

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Ego Eradicator

October 30, 2014 · kundalini yoga, Uncategorized

Humanity is going through a huge transition. The potential of this time is wonderfully miraculous, yet we can easily feel overwhelmed and under prepared, causing an unprecedented degree of stress in the collective consciousness. People are longing for joy, fulfillment and happiness, yet are carrying a persistent feeling of heaviness and anxiety. What if we […]

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