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The Greatest Gift is Love

“Only what we are not giving can be lacking in any situation.” ~ A Course in Miracles

I have been meditating so deeply to connect with the collective consciousness this week. There is so much fear and there is an unwavering yearning for connection. Somewhere deep inside of us, there is a tremendous cry for us to know truth, peace and love. We think we know love and we know all truth… yet we are still longing for something beyond what meets the eye. This yearning in our hearts can be eliminated only when we connect ourselves with Divinity. We search outside of ourselves… we are striving for contentment and wholeness. This climbing is making us all so dizzy. We will feel harmony again when… and only when… we mend our illusion of separation. Give and Give and Give more. This is the true component to happiness. If something is not going our way, we immediately judge ourselves or blame someone else. There is another way. Instead of searching with expectation and disappointment, we look at what we are not giving or contributing to the world. It takes sitting with this lesson and allowing the vibration of the words to transform our thoughts. And then the shift to happens. It works. Training our minds to give instead of gain opens an entire new energy field. In this new field of consciousness, Miracles arrive. We find we are not separate. We find truth, love peace and harmony. More importantly, we begin to feel God in our hearts again.