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Yoga Journal Kundalini Course For You!

Anxiety is running at an all time high. Our nervous systems are on high alert. For many people even loud sounds are contributing to shock in our systems. Is it sensory overload?  Is it a collective energy of fear we are absorbing? Is it an old fear from our ancestors which is embedded in our cells? Is it the current state of the world? Perhaps it is a grouping of symptoms which occurs when our sympathetic nervous systems have been on high alert for too long. We must create downtime and space for our spiritual practice.

I started practicing meditation when I was a freshman in college. I found it when depression seemed to take over me. I felt lost and alone, like a child who couldn’t cope with life, but had to.  As a spiritual child, I always knew my solution was through the Divine. The church I had grown up in was a reformed church without strict rules. The rule was and is love. So as a freshman in a new town, I looked for a reformed church but found only churches that seemed quite different.

That is when my best friend at the time, Radha, took me to a new age store in the commons where we found a wonderful CD on the chakras. We listened to it over and over again. Then we bought a book on yoga. Then a book on meditation. We shared it all, and our fears. That is when I found my way out of sadness and into the arms of the angels again. When I look back I see the hand of God guiding the whole process.  For me, I HAVE to have a daily spiritual practice. It is my daily medicine. My immune system is very vulnerable to the energy around me, and to be honest, these days I have been practicing more and more daily. I wake up before the sun comes up, and I meditate. Every single day. Sometimes through my practice a message to take action comes to me. Sometimes a message to share love to others, like today, comes over me. We never know what the divine is going to assign us, and that is what makes our spiritual practice exciting.

Thanks to the wonderful team at yoga Journal and Sounds True, we now have an online course for you so you can learn the ancient secret of Kundalini Yoga in a very accessible yet not water downed way. You can practice Kundalini yoga in the privacy of your own home in a truly authentic and comforting way. This course also comes with a copy of my book which will be sent directly to you from my publisher, Sounds True. I think my favorite part of the course is our private facebook group where we can connect daily and share our hearts. I will be the one checking in on everyone in the morning after my daily meditation. I want this course to feel like a cozy cloak of comfort for all of you. A course to help you get not only through these times of change, but to USE these times of change as a catalyst for miracles.

This course is a great way to dive into the universe of Kundalini Yoga. The videos include movements, meditation, mantra, and breath work that will help you break up long-held blocks and beliefs that keep you from manifesting your deepest desires. You’ll also learn how to strengthen your intuition and magnetic field, allowing you to attract love, prosperity, and opportunities while keeping you safe in a protective field of light.

For $100 off the price of the course click HERE and use the discount code: KARENASAVES.

Everyone is welcome to join us. You can be brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner. The magic is available to all.

Hope to see you online.

With my love to your heart,

Karena xo