Poota Mata Kee Asees: A Mother’s Blessing

There is something so magical about spending a springtime Sunday afternoon outdoors with those we love. The gorgeous pink and white flowers blooming everywhere, and the sound of the birds singing love songs to one another reminds us of the universe’s amazing opportunity for renewal. My favorite Spring blessing is the presence of a spectacular butterfly. These delicate and feminine little creatures remind me of miracles, love, eternity and protection.

Our eight-year-old son, Christian, and I were outside in the garden lying on the fresh green grass after lunch today. We were talking about angels and how they protect children all the time. Christian is a child who, like many others these days, can see angels. He has always had an awareness of light prevailing and loved ones returning. Christian looked up from our cuddle with amazement, “Look, Mommy… there is a butterfly playing with those angels.” I wasn’t sure if he meant the white dandelions or if he was seeing beyond my vision. Yet, I did see the gorgeous butterfly gently and quietly touching the soft white fluff of a newborn dandelion. Christian walked over to this festival of bliss, and picked two dandelions so that he and I could make a wish together. We blew the soft white seeds into the wind, and they looked just like miniature angels dancing to the sound of Christian’s humming. Yes, we are not “supposed to” share our wishes, yet I will allow my wish to be public in hope that this story can uplift and ease the anxiety of motherhood for you all. I will trust that as I share this blessing with you all, our hearts can find shelter and ease in trusting the almightiness and grace of spiritual protection. My private prayer was for God to protect and shine heavenly light on my children forever. Does this sound like a familiar wish to you?

“Let your mind be the bumblebee, and let the feet of The Infinite One be the Lotus flower ~ Bhavar tumhaaraa ih man hova-o had charnaa hohu ka-ulaa.”


Liberation’s Door by Snatam Kaur

Poota Mata Kee Asees is a prayer which unites one with the sacred power of motherhood. Yogi Bhajan suggested that mothers chant this as a mantra for their children’s protection and divine guidance. Mothers can listen to the beautiful recorded versions, or chant it daily, repeating the prayer 11, 56 or 108 times. It is also a lovely prayer to chant on a special occasion such as a child’s birthday. It is a wonderful prayer in celebration of Mother’s Day, because it blesses both the child and mother.

Yogi Bhajan taught that there is nothing as powerful as a mother’s prayer for her child. As we recite this prayer we can visualize a white light blessing our children, for the protection and guidance. If we are focused on a specific concern, we can direct the light on that specific area. For example, Christian is a super-sensitive child, and when he hurts I crumble. Yet, when the light of this mediation is directed at his heart, it uplifts us both.

“May joy and playful pleasure be yours, may your hopes be fulfilled, and worries never trouble you. Rang tamaasaa poor an aasaa kabeh na bi-aapai chintaa.”


Blessings of a Woman by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Poota Mata Kee Aasees is prayer that a mother makes to her child to develop his or her highest potential as a spiritual being. This mantra may provide a high vibration of protection everywhere the child goes. The sound current may change the DNA of the child while uplifting and purifying the space around the child. Out of pure spiritual connection, the mother can pray for the divinity of her child, and trust that the shabad has a vibratory frequency which carries incredible light.

Chanting Poota Mata Kee Aasees can bring a miracle. There are so many women longing to conceive healthy pregnancies, or find fertile circumstances for adoption. For women desperately longing for a baby, life can feel quite empty. Yet this shabad has the potential to create a magical opening and receptive space for a woman. I have seen quite a few women conceive beautiful healthy pregnancies after chanting this mantra… some of these women were told by physicians that their bodies would never carry a baby to term. Yes… a baby is a miracle… and miracles are real. Changing the energy of a situation with the vibratory frequency of this mantra has profound benefits.

The lines in the prayer are by Bibi Bhani, the mother of Guru Arjun Dev. Guru Arjun Dev was the son of Guru Ram Das, and his mother spoke this beautiful blessing to him one day before he was Guru, to keep him safe on a journey. It is now attributed to Guru Arjun and is one of the sacred treasures in Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred Sikh scripture which compiles spiritual and mystical hymns with a philosophy suitable for many faiths. Each line in this prayer carries an amazing blessing, so to have these beautiful blessings together is just so very powerful, like a mala of sacred beads.

Divine Birth by Snatam Kaur

It brings tears to my eyes to share this with you. I believe we have been given such a divine gift to have access to these sacred prayers. If you are reading this now, your heart may feel just as full as mine. My deep hope is that we all see the beauty in coincidences, and recognize that blessings are flowing to us with every breath. If this is one of those moments where you feel this was sent to you divinely, gently close your eyes and thank the heavens. God bless you.

We are one.

With my love,