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The Shift…From Fear to Love

Something quite profound is happening in our world these days. We are in the midst of a dramatic evolutionary shift. Some may experience unusual synchronicity and awe, yet others are sensing confusion and fear. One may be searching for a new way of living, and another may be pondering what he or she may have recognized as truth… until now. The veil between heaven and earth is thinning, and our world is birthing us into a higher dimension of light. I am feeling it. Are you? Growing pains can hurt. We can look for comfort in unhealthy ways, or we can dedicate some time every day to practice some of the greatest meditations available to assist and stabilize us amidst these changes.

This morning the sun began to pour into the family room bathing my favorite angel and crystal on the white altar next to my meditation pillow. As the light moved closer to my heart, it began to infuse the crystal with beautiful colorful rays. The rainbow began to dance and sparkle with a rhythm which flowed with the mantra vibrating, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru. It was as if angels were singing to the movement of the light spectrum. Yes, one of those magical moments which fills my heart with tremendous gratitude.

This sacred frequency was a gentle reminder of God’s grace during this time of profound universal change. Yogi Bhajan prepared us for this shift, and we are so very blessed to have access to these sacred teachings. We may be feeling these changes quite profoundly, and science is showing us that the solar activity is more intense now than it has been for years. Solar flares and dimensional openings are altering our electromagnetic fields, nervous systems and brain activities, and we can stay steady and bright amidst this new paradigm if we align ourselves with goodness. I feet quite compelled to share this powerful meditation with you all.

“In the Aquarian age, you don’t pray — you ask God to pray for you.” Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan taught that this age, The Age of Aquarius, will place many individuals in a state of confusion and emptiness. He described how some may hit the stage of “cold depression”, where epidemics of feeling frozen and unable to move through life may occur. This meditation “will help you find the pockets of internal conflict, open them up, and transform this stored energy into ecstasy and intuition.”

Sit with a straight spine and fold the fingers in front of the chest with the index fingers pointing straight up. Begin to chant the mantra, “Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio”. On “Wah” chant from the navel. On “Hey” chant from the heart. On “Guru” and “Jio” chant from the lips. Continue for 11 minutes.

Keep your eyelids closed, and focus at the pituitary gland between the eyebrows. This inner gaze will open your intuition to the callings of your soul which resonate with your true destiny and alignment.

Connect your entire being with the meaning of the mantra and the intention of becoming one with the sounds themselves. “Wah” is a divine spiritual wonderful wow. “He” means here and now. “Guru” means from what is dark may light prevail. “Jio” means soul. So essentially you are chanting, “Divinely wonderful, here and now in my soul, all thoughts that are dark and unconscious will shift to thoughts and vibrations of uplifting light and conscious awareness.” This brings the character of uplifting intuitive joy to the soul. In this mantra negative and confusing vibrations, the density and darkness, are cleared away at a soul level, so that pure truth of your own divinity and grace can shine forth, be recognized and be realized.

After eleven minutes, inhale deeply and hold the breath as you concentrate on the sound vibrating silently at the navel, heart and lips. Hold as long as you can and then exhale. Inhale again. Hold the breath and give your life to God. Allow your prana to merge with the universal force. Exhale and relax. Take a moment to feel the intuition of your destiny and bliss.

This meditation is so powerful for aligning our inner truth with our external manifestations. Allow yourself to feel free as you connect with your guardian angels, and trust that you are in the proper flow of light. Be ready to accept the changes as you shed the shallow and non aligned aspects of your life. This meditation will help you recognize your that truth is not always logical. Yet, the heart does not need the sense of the mind, because love expands beyond limitations. Allow your shining divinity and godliness to illuminate your aura as you consciously evolve into your potential. In this state we can connect with others at a soul level, see their evolution as well, and see God at work as we evolve into the Aquarian Age.

May we support, illuminate and uplift one another as we experience this new paradigm with continuous love in our hearts and honest truth in our souls.

We are one.

With Light and Blessings forever, Karena

(Editor’s Note: There are many beautiful versions of the mantra “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio” which you can listen to for inspiration. Be aware of the length of each track if you are going to use them for this meditation.)